"I learned so much from Kristy Bissell over the two years* that she taught me.

Kristy's teaching is wonderfully multifaceted. She didn't just teach me how to sing a song, she taught me about vocal anatomy, vocal health, techniques in multiple different styles of music, how to approach a song as an actor, and so many other things. She did this in such a down-to-earth way that I never felt overwhelmed or confused.

She is incredibly knowledgeable about everything to do with vocal technique and contemporary musical theatre music. She’s a curious person who doesn’t settle for pigeonholing students into cookie cutter exercises and techniques. When something didn’t work for me, she worked with me to find something that did.

I also had an opportunity to see her teach younger students at the Barter Theatre, where she translated meaty principles into simple language. She invested herself just as much with her younger students as she did with older students, and the results showed.

With Kristy, not only did I learn valuable techniques that make a daily, noticeable difference in how my voice both sounds and feels, I also came into my own as a performer for the first time. If you have a chance to study with her, do it."


Katie - Abingdon, Virginia


"Kristy has such a gift for making singing technique accessible and fun. She offers some amazing resources on vocal performance and has the expertise to explain them in a way that's easy to understand. Although I've studied music for a long time, working with Kristy stretched my knowledge and challenged me in so many new ways. She also gives so much encouragement and love to her students. Her passion for music is infectious, and lessons with her are always positive learning experiences. Very grateful to Kristy for the confidence to tell stories through song!"


Annie - Abingdon, Virginia 

"Before I took lessons from Kristy I had no confidence about my voice and didn't even consider myself a singer. However she patiently trained me to go above and beyond what I ever could have expected! Now Im entering college with a plan to major in vocal music. I have had several singing teachers since then but Kristy truly gave me my voice and my start."


Leeanna - Brandon, Mississippi 



"I'm happy to express my gratitude in working with Kristy Bissell, an amazing vocal coach at New York Vocal Coaching. After a devastating loss in my life two years ago, I vowed to never sing again. When I turned 21 last year, I decided I needed to go back to singing, to my happy place. That's when I found out about New York Vocal Coaching. From the very moment I called the front desk, the warmth and generosity of the staff there was evident. I felt welcomed from the very moment I scheduled my first lesson. In August 2017, I began working with Kristy Bissell because I wanted to step out of my vocal comfort zone, as someone who has mainly been pigeon holed into the "classical" genre for most of her life. Kristy really took the time to not only learn about my vocal journey, but also to get to know me as a person. After our first lesson, I felt this confidence and energy that had been missing for two years. In the ten months we have worked together, my voice has developed so much. Kristy challenges and inspires her students to go farther than they've ever gone with their voices, and turns "failure" into a positive learning experience. There's no room for fear when you're singing with Kristy. Her knowledge of her craft and uplifting personality will make you feel like you can do whatever you set your mind to. 100/10 would recommend taking voice lessons with Kristy!"

-Anna Sejuelas

Pop Singer


"I have been working with Kristy Bissell for about 9 months and she is not only an amazing teacher, but also person. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows her stuff. In addition, she is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and is nonjudgemental, fun, and extremely supportive. Not only has my voice improved but my confidence has increased tremendously! Would highly recommend New York Vocal Coaching."

-Jessie Oscodar



"I’ve been a student of Kristy Bissell for about 6 months now and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! She works on your vocal range and guides you towards the path that would bring out the most in your voice. She’s so honest and real! She’s also made me believe in myself in so many ways. I feel so much more comfortable now and I have the confidence to keep it going. Also, everyone at the school (which is super clean and neat btw) is super friendly, nice and respectful and they’re willing to engage with whatever questions or information you might need! Thank you for the best coach Kristy!!!! And thank you New York Vocal for providing such a creative space."

-Marc A

Aspiring Singer/Songwriter

"I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude in working with Kristy Bissell, a truly talented and caring voice coach at New York Vocal Coaching. After literally only a handful of sessions with Kristy, she has taken this very timid, fearful singer-hopeful to a level that I thought was once unattainable.
Her knowledge of the voice and how it operates is exceptional; you will gain such an education! She is beyond informative, and can answer my questions literally before I even ask them.
She provides a very comfortable learning environment, and you will leave the studio excited to incorporate her teachings into your craft. How much she cares for her students and their progress is immediately evident.
Studying with Kristy has truly been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. As someone who was literally crippled with stage fright only a few weeks ago, Kristy has helped me to overcome such an obstacle, so I can enjoy performing rather than fear it. She has helped me learn to rely on my voice with consistency, something I’d been striving towards for years, but only recently was able to achieve.
After years of being pigeon-holed into only classical singing, Kristy tapped into my pop and rock sounds in a matter of minutes. I left that first session absolutely stunned, and knew I had found the right vocal coach for my vocal needs.
I have taken lessons both via Skype and in studio. I really enjoy going into the studio because it is such an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are very nice and accommodating!
Thank you, Kristy so very much for believing in me and helping me to finally believe in my voice."

-Dana Marie

Pop/Rock Artist


"So fortunate to have found Kristy as my vocal coach. When I first came to NYVC I was super nervous about it and within 5 mins Kristy made me feel super comfortable and I knew instantly that she was the teacher for me. I’ve been going weekly for almost 3 months now and I’ve improved so so much and I couldn’t be happier. Kristy is also there for us all (has a fb group for all of her students) outside of the lessons as well and I really do feel like she genuinely cares about each and everyone of us. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!!!"

-Jonathan Negron

Aspiring R&B Artist

"Happily sharing my testimonial for Kristy Bissell and New York Vocal Coaching! Prior to working with Kristy, my confidence was nearly shot after a stressful 4-month experience with another coach. Upon my first lesson, I felt at ease with her immediately, as she provided constructive feedback without judgment. I sang freer and with each lesson since, I’ve gradually gained back the confidence that was lost. Kristy as a singer is amazingly talented, effortlessly singing across genres. One day I hope to achieve that level of skill. With Kristy as a coach, I now genuinely believe I can. On another note, everyone on staff is friendly and super attentive. I've also worked with Justin a few times as well and as with any great company, it starts at the top. Highly recommend NYVC for your vocal needs!"

-Maribel Malit

Pop/R&B Singer


"I had a wonderful time working with Kristy, I learned a lot about my mixed voice and gained more confidence in our first few months together than many years learning outside of NYVC. She gave me confidence to pursue my first performance and a second one on top of that. Thank you so much!"

-Amber Picon

Pop Singer


"We are so very thankful we found Kristy Bissell at NY Vocal Coaching. We were looking for some lessons for our daughter who is 12. Kristy has been unbelievable with her. Her knowledge and musical abilities keep us in awe. She is so patient and encouraging to our daughter and not only has our daughters vocal ability grown but her confidence and motivation to work hard and love for music have grown leap and bounds since working with Kristy!!! Thank you so much for all you do for her!!! And we are so lucky to have you as an instructor and role model!"

-Amber Stevens

Mother of Student

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