Hello again!  


I began as just a performer and from performing, my love of teaching has evolved.  Teaching gives me the opportunity to share everything as I learn it as a performer.  What better way for my students to learn?  I have completed my masters at Shenandoah University studying Vocal Pedagogy in Contemporary Commercial Music, so that genre will be my main focus with you. I am currently teaching at New York Vocal Coaching. 

If you wish to work on Classical singing, I can certainly help with that, but I do believe there is a better teacher for you and I can assist you in finding the right teacher for you! 


My hope is to work with students who have a drive and a hunger to learn and grow.  No other requirement is necessary. There is only so much a teacher can do. You are the one that is really going to make change happen. 


Want to know more about me as a performer?  Check out my Performance website: 




Now, let's get this music started!    

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